About Kevin Hotaling

Kevin's career spanned more than two decades at GE Plastics.

In these roles. Kevin developed a depth of knowledge in team-based problem solving, along with the tactical skills needed in manufacturing to be the catalyst for incremental continuous improvement.  Having individual responsibilities, both in daily production and leadership roles, gives him a unique perspective when approaching problems specific to manufacturing in order to improve profitability.

Kevin believes in stakeholder analysis, assembling the right team, and using data to drive decision making.
His actions are driven by the motto,  “What gets measured, gets done.”

Past Job Titles & Roles

  • Workout Leader
  • Site Facilitator
  • Site Demand Flow Leader
  • Continuous Improvement Leader
  • Visual Factory Leader
  • Certified Blackbelt Distribution
  • Material Recovery Engineer
  • Site Materials Manager

Kevin’s certifications include:

  • Facilitative Leadership
  • Advanced Facilitative Leadership
  • Demand Flow Technology
  • Action Workout
  • Six Sigma Blackbelt
  • Quick Changeover
  • Toyota Production Management

It is this thinking which has led to these achievements:

  • Reduced recycle inventory levels from 12 Million lbs to 9.3 Million lbs (a 22% reduction in 6 months.)
  • Completed 8 six sigma projects: Annual benefits totalled $748 thousand dollars in Distribution Productivity
  • Increased First Pass Yield resulting in a $1.5 Million dollar positive impact to the Site
  • Mentored 6 Six Sigma Greenbelts who delivered annual benefits $1.2 Million in supply chain productivity
  • Reduced inventory shipment errors by over 95% (See Case Study Below)
  • Managed a $500 Thousand dollar Action Workout budget resulting in a $747 Thousand dollars in cost savings in 1 year
  • Designed a Visual Factory war room for the site that displayed all key metrics. A focal point of a plant wide morning meeting for area managers
  • Reduced Recycle Inventory from 10.6 Million lbs to 3.8 Million lbs in 5 Months (a 64% reduction)
  • Developed a cross functional team that sold recycle scrap generating $494 Million in landfill cost elimination and incremental revenue

Managerial Awards and Accolades For Leadership

  • Business Team Facilitation S1 & 6 Sigma
  • Selkirk Finishing Yield Improvements
  • Developed Action WorkOut! Process
  • Designing Site Communications Center
  • Selkirk Technology Team of Year
  • Trainer for GEP/Borg Warner Integration
  • Designed & Instructed Investment/Productivity class

His experience encompassed the following disciplines:

  • Customer Service
  • Inventory Control
  • Production Scheduling
  • Investment/Productivity
  • Cost Out

Comments from My Colleagues

"Kevin and I worked together for several years. During that time Kevin always showed a "Can Do!" attitude and was always willing to do whatever it took to get the job done. Kevin was always positive and took pride in his work. Kevin has great facilitation skills, people skills and Operational Excellence skills. Kevin is great a rolling out new initiatives."

Al Blalock

Global Initiatives at GE Plastics and Sabic Innovative Plastics

"Kevin utilizes proven cutting edge change methodologies in his work. His ability to build trust with all members of a organization, from the production floor to the boardroom, is a highly needed leadership quality in today's collaborative environments. He is able to transform business objectives into actionable plans that support the organization's vision. A much needed asset to the business."

S. David Wolfe

Founder Wolfe Engagement Group

Thanks for everything during your tenure here Kevin! You've been a great help and benefit to this site and your impact will definitely be missed! You were the perfect go to go-getter and were a reliable resource to get the dirty work done, any time of the day! Very friendly and approachable.

Does your organization run at operational excellence on a daily basis?

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