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Kevin helps businesses implement their corporate strategy, transform their core business and operations, prepare for growth, embrace the digital agenda, and maximize operational efficiency.

Here are the feedback results from a client that I worked with for over 2 years and helped to deliver over 12 Million dollars in productivity.  This was accomplished by working in teams with employees ranging from the Site General Manager to the operators in the production areas.

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Comments from My Colleagues

It was a pleasure to work with Kevin Hotaling. I leaned a lot of the small things that make big impacts throughout NWS4 process. Kevin was always happy to be here no matter when called even if it was to wake up in the middle of the night. Great to work with plan and simple.

Kevin is someone that I could call at anytime and get the support I needed. Anything from Spreadsheets, Presentations, Employee Issues, Training, Process Improvements or anything else I requested. He is a wealth of Knowledge and will be missed. Hope to work with you again soon.

Thanks for everything during your tenure here Kevin! You’ve been a great help and benefit to this site and your impact will definitely be missed! You were the perfect go to go-getter and were a reliable resource to get the dirty work done, any time of the day! Very friendly and approachable.

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