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eVSM, is a sophisticated, cutting edge technology that allows you a look to the future.


eVSM Overview

Following the product through the Gemba with paper and pencil to collect data and observe actual conditions is how value-stream mapping (VSM) is done. But for a long time, members of the Lean Community have been sharing these hand-drawn maps by creating their own electronic templates from scratch in various software programs. eVSM makes the process of turning hand-drawn maps into electronic ones easier, faster, and standardized, complete with automated calculations, charts, and reports.

The software provides a complete set of maps with visuals and analytics to suit each value stream type  (plant production , processing, services, supply chain, customer journey)

As a companion - not a substitute - to paper-and-pencil mapping, the software supports lean practitioners in capturing, analyzing, and improving the value stream.

In addition to value stream mapping, eVSM has grown into a complete toolkit for the lean practitioner and also includes:

  • Visual versions of lean tools (Quick changeover, Plant Milkrun Design, Layout Planning, Kanban calculation, EPEI) to help design the improvements.
  • Management of improvement ideas via opportunities, related actions, root cause analyses, project plans and opportunity prioritization

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