The Process

Wherever you are along the operational excellence continuum, I have a flexible process to fit your strategic vision

We understand that Leadership at the corporate level has the responsibility to set the vision and direction of the organization.  Many times that message is only partially successful in making its way down to the operation.  Sometimes the vision has many aspects to it, and in turn, is difficult for the lower levels of the organization to prioritize those multiple objectives.

Our process makes sure both short and long term strategic objectives make their way down to your lowest level and are executed via continuous improvement programs.

C Level LeadershipDefine strategic plan and objectives
Hoshin Kanri tool up to 3 levelsFoundation for vision to be immersed and embraced throughout the organization
Operational LeadersTake strategic vision to operational level.Develop measurements, Identify teams to affect, implement continuous improvement strategiesMost important link to make sure the vision is operationally linked
TechniciansUnderstand how their individual job responsibilities connect to the strategic planDMAIC Process for continuous ImprovementWhat Gets Measured
Gets Done

How We Do It In Four Steps

1.  Vision and Strategy Planning
2.  Continuous Improvement
3.  Team Leader Training
4.  Program Review

A Flexible And Proven Process

Designed to fit your needs and objectives