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Hoshin Kanri

What It Is:

Hoshin kanri starts with a strategic plan developed by top management.  Once a 3-5 year strategic vision and plan is set, mid-level managers develop tactical objective that support the strategic objectives defined by top management.  On the production floor level, team leaders an managers work out the operational objectives and details that link directly with the organizations vision.   An import method to the success of the process is called "catchball" which ensures the strategic objectives make their way down to the production floor.

Why Use This Tool?

Hoshin kanri links strategic vision to measurable results.  It also allows for operational focus and sets priorities when there are limited resources.  This ensures they are used efficiently and effectively and keeps the focus on the top priorities.

The End Result:

A strategic plan that permeates through the entire organization, utilizing every employees full capacity to support the plan.

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